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Snapshift lets you create high-performance schedules, involve all your employees, prepare your payroll automatically and stop wasting time on administrative tasks. We set you free.

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Simplify your HR. Set your teams free!


In just a few clicks, your managers can create optimised schedules that comply with your collective agreement.

Payroll and HR Managers

No more time-consuming calculations or costly mistakes. Your payrolls are prepared automatically.


Your employees are notified of schedule changes and can make their leave requests quickly and easily. Fewer absences, fewer late arrivals, and lots more smiles.

What will Snapshift change for you?

Scheduling is now a breeze

Online scheduling means you can create your team schedules in a few clicks while still complying with your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and your employees' contracts. And your employees get real-time alerts to changes in their schedules.

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Time and absence tracking is reliable now

The actual hours, late arrivals and absences are recorded directly on the theoretical schedule in real time. No more surprises at the end of the month.

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Your payroll is under control

Snapshift can be connected to your cash register software and display the daily payroll and productivity directly on the schedule. So you know where you stand, and you can act before it's too late.

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The payroll nightmare is over!

With Snapshift, variable payroll elements are automatically calculated and exported to your payroll software. No more hunting for timesheets, no more complicated Excel spreadsheets and no more double entry.

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The SnapPad time clock,
the quick and easy solution to track working hours.

Snapshift brings working hours recording up to date with SnapPad, a digital time clock on a tablet: employees sign in their hours, with random photo control that complies with the GDPR.

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Snapshift integrates easily with your payroll, cash register and Excel software to make your life easier when it comes to payroll management.

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Our customers say it best!


"This tool radically changes the way schedules are organised, it's a fabulous time saver! It's liberating for both sides because it avoids mistakes and conflicts."

Julien Zattara
Founder - Bocamexa

"Before Snapshift, it was a lot of paper and Excel spreadsheets. Leave request sheets, schedules... Now with Snapshift, everything is easier!"

Parisouk Vong
Founder - Thaï At Home

"Before Snapshift, the daily routine was much more cumbersome; I spent a lot of time on Excel drawing up the schedules, I had to chase after the sign-in sheets and manage absences and lateness..."

Rémi Vergnaud
Director- Columbus Café

"It's a huge time saver for me, for my managers who used to spend their afternoons solving scheduling puzzles and for the employees who fill in their schedules themselves."

Vincent Sitz
Founder - Baltard at the Louvre

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